The Association

The “Miracle Babies” Association is a non-governmental organization, member of the European Federation for the care of the EFCNI (European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants). It was established at the beginning of 2015, having as its pioneer Mrs Stella Kyriakidou and led by a small initiative group consisting of parents, grandparents and friends who experienced prematurity.

The Scientific Advisor is Dr Christina Karaoli, former Director of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and Professor of Neonatology at the University of Nicosia.

Moreover, the Association maintains a close relationship and cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the SHSO (State Health Services Organization) and the medical and nursing personnel of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Today, we make a promise to every premature baby, to every miracle baby: to make their world a better place!

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The Board of Directors
Elena Megalemou Triantafyllidis
Vice President
Marina Pilakouta
Yannos Pirisshis
Rev. Secretary
Despo Hadjianastasiou
Claire Hadjigeorgiou
Despo Lefkariti
Nora Dikaiou
Ioanna Fiakkou
Christina Mylona Parparinou

Greeting from the President

Dear Friends,

I welcome you to the updated website of our Association through which we invite you to know the world of premature babies.

The birth of a child is a joyful event, full of emotion, bliss and happiness. But what happens when that moment comes much sooner than expected; when this new life arrives in the world prematurely?

The unexpected arrival of a baby turns our lives Upside Down! A premature baby’s mother experiences anxiety, worry and tears of pain. Disappointment, despair and dozens of questions. “Will my baby survive? Will my baby be able to live a normal life?”

These life’s little miracles are born fighters and enrich us with strength. We named them Miracle Babies because their survival is a Miracle! Although they came into the world a little “too soon, too small or too sick”, they have stubbornness and a will to live. While growing up, they shall not remember those difficult days and weeks, yet they will hear from everyone around them that they are Miracle Babies who fought and succeeded.

Our principle is that every baby, no matter how small it is born, deserves the best possible start in life. The Miracle Babies have no voice. Their voice is all of us who stand by them and support them with love.

Our mission is that the Miracle Babies have the best living conditions in order to emerge victorious.

Our primary goal is to upgrade the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia to an international level, adequately staffed with specialized personnel.

Our responsibility is to support, inform and guide families experiencing the pre-term birth of a baby; and at the same time, through conferences and events, to raise awareness and to inform society about issues related to Prematurity.

Prematurity may knock on the door of each one of us!

One in ten babies is born Premature!

15,000,000 babies every year worldwide are born Premature!

Help us make their world the way it should be!

With your support, help, sponsorship and love we can do a lot so that all Miracle Babies are discharged from the NICU and successfully pass all stages of development.

I thank, personally and on behalf of everyone, the Medical and Nursing personnel of the NICU for the great work they do and their dedication, and I also thank the people who embraced our Association with love from the very first moment.


Elena Megalemou Triantafyllidis


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Association’s important activities

• Purchase and donation to the state of an ambulance especially designed for premature babies, newborns with other health problems, children and pregnant women worth €300,000.
• Purchase and donation of a special ventilator worth €55,000 for the NICU needs.
• Purchase of machines, equipment and other materials the NICU needs.

• Psychological support for parents.
• Public information and awareness campaigns.
• Training of NICU personnel (the Association subsides nurses in order to receive special training in matters of cardiorespiratory support - Neonatal Life Support).